Ueda Tatsuya from UK Day 4 and Last Day

Day 4
Combining offshot photography with a sightseeing tour, they made their way around the London city. First up was the Tower of London where royalty or people of high statuses were imprisoned. As there were tools using interrogation being displayed, the atmosphere was a little ominous.
Despite so, Ueda seemed not the least unaffected “This isn’t scary at all!”
When Ueda saw the jewel encrusted sword being used during a coronation ceremony, “I wanna let Romeo carry this sword”
As he was walking around the place which resembled a castle, “I feel like a main character in a role playing game” he commented. Ueda was in high spirits since the morning that day.
Next up was a place that would make Ueda excited. That’s THE DUNGEONS- a horror house located near London Bridge Railway Station.
The first room was alike the Tower of London where there were various bloody models of torture. Next up was a room that mimicked conditions during the era of the Great Plague. After walking through numerous eerie looking statues, spending more than an hour in that grotesque attraction, Ueda emerged.
Before everything started, Ueda boasted “This isn’t scary at all”
However, we could hear Ueda going “Ahh! UWAAA!!” at various places in the attraction. Although it was in the middle of winter, Ueda had much cold sweat.
He finally exited the attraction. He really screamed too much.
“Although it was scary, I really had fun! It felt as if I was locked in a horror movie!” Ueda said, all smiles.
After a short lunch, they headed off to Buckingham Palace in the afternoon. Since 1837, English Queens have been staying there. Unfortunately on that day, the Queen wasn’t at home.
After seeing the majestic building, “Woah! Living in such a place, it so large scale!” Ueda commented, visibly impressed.
“Its really formidable to be able to see it real! I am glad I came!”
And then, sightseeing for the day ended there.
Next up was STOMP showing at New Ambassadors. It was an exciting production lasting about 100 minutes where there is no plot, no dialogue and no one speaks a word. Instead a group of rhythmically gifted, extremely coordinated bodies find beauty and music using the mundane junk of everyday life.
“Ahh that 100 minutes. What the performers were able to do with their bodies was really amazing!” Ueda commented, visibly having enjoyed himself tremendously.
And soon, the days spent in London would come to an end tomorrow. After the musical, all members of the staff proceeded for dinner together.
“Thanks to everyone, I think the pamphlet is going to be excellent! Thank you guys so much!”
Ueda said gratefully.
Members of the staff also commented that “they had fun” and “it was a good location shoot”.
When Ueda was asked how he felt about the whole trip, “England is really a good country, I wanna come here for my private holiday someday.” Ueda seemed like he had a good impression of England.
“Since you have also come in contact with a lot related to Shakespeare, do you feel closer to him than before you embarked on this journey?”
“No, surprisingly not. I managed to understand why there are so many people out there who like his works and I feel a sense of responsibility the thought of putting up a good performance is now stronger than ever. After I return to Japan, I will read the script carefully and try to start understanding the values that Shakespeare is trying to put across” Ueda said with a firm tone.

Last day
The day finally came to return to Japan. There was free time till the afternoon so Ueda went with several members of the staff to a shop in London. Actually, there are stuff that Ueda was told to buy for his family and since he had yet to get them, he went shopping since the morning.
“Ueda is really kind~” members of the staff commented, visibly moved by his filialness.
Then, everyone proceeded to Heathrow Airport.
“This is the first time I am feeling . Obviously I wanna get back quickly and start rehearsing for Romeo and Juliet, but I had so much fun here, once I get back, its going to be a little lonely.”
From the windows of the airport facing the streets, “I’ll be back one day!~” Ueda said before heading into the plane.
And so it ended, the fulfilling trip. The fruits of this trip will be reflected in the play. Please look forward to it!


今天是一边拍伦敦市内的摄影一边观光。首先去了王公贵族们被处刑的地方伦敦塔。那里展示着各种刑具,有着诡异的气氛。上田却是“一点也不可怕”完全不在意的表情。看到加冕仪式里使用的镶满宝石的剑,“那个剑,好想送给Romeo一把啊~(笑)”,往城堡一样的内场前行的时侯又说“好像RPG游戏的主人公一样的感觉哦~”今天也是一大早就元气满满,我们又去了让他更加high的地方⋯⋯那是在伦敦桥站附近的the Dungeons鬼屋。和刚才伦敦塔差不多的刑场的情景再次出现,杀人砍头的场面以及曾经在伦敦流行过great plague瘟疫场面的房间,还有乘船在漂浮的尸体中前行,最初说着“一点也不吓人”的上田终于也在一个多小时的时间里“呜哇~~~”的大叫了出来。虽然是大冬天还是出了很多汗,最后终于走了出来。和叫的太惨的staff们相比,上田说“虽然很可怕可是很好玩,感觉好像恐怖电影里一样很有趣!”一个人露出了笑脸。





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