Ueda Tatsuya from UK Day 3

Day 3
This was the day where we took a 2hr bus ride from London to a town called Stratford Upon Avon for filming. Just when I thought Ueda looked very sleepy, “I shall work hard today too!” he chirped with a powerful voice.
“There are so many important points to take note of, to look at things that are so clearly there; I have to soak up my body with loads of Shakespeare”
After arriving at the venue, first up was visiting the home where Shakespeare was born in 1564. Everything that happened in this town was explained. From the room where Shakespeare’s dad made gloves as his job, the hall, the room where it was rumoured that Shakespeare was born in, the courtyard, that Shakespeare married a woman 8 years his senior and many more.
Guide: “It is rumoured that Shakespeare liked lavender flowers”
Ueda: “Ah so this is why there are so much lavender planted in the courtyard?”
Ueda: “And where does this door lead to?” Ueda had so many questions for the guide.
Next up was the Holy Trinity Church. This was where Shakespeare was baptized after he was born and also the place where he was buried after his death. This is where it contains the grave of sleeping Shakespeare, it’s really an important place.
Standing in front of Shakespeare’s grave, Ueda looked as if he was thinking hard about something.
Guide: “What are you thinking about?”
Ueda prayed: “To the Shakespeare now in heaven: I will be acting in one of your works in Japan. In order to live up to your name, please look over me and I will play role well”
It seemed that Ueda been moved by all these sights and had set foot to give a good performance this time.
Without much thinking, Ueda wrote “I am Japanese Romeo” in the note placed at the grave for visitors to write down their thanks.
Next, they went to visit the place- New Place where Shakespeare retired after his career took off in London. There were furniture that was used in 1600, it certainly felt very dignified.
“This is indeed profound” Ueda commented as they proceeded went out of the courtyard and were greeted with pretty flowers lined up nicely.
“This is indeed a great place for Shakespeare to rest” Ueda said, as if he felt a lot about that matter.
After having lunch at one of the restaurants at Stratford upon Avon, they proceeded for filming along River Avon which ran in this town. There were statues that had lines from Romeo and Juliet carved on it, as well as the statue of Hamlet. There were many points related to Shakespeare here. Once again, this is considered a holy place for all those who love Shakespeare. There were many seagulls, ducks. When Ueda was feeding them with bread, he was suddenly swarmed by them that he burst out laughing. At once, so many birds swarmed around, members of the staff tried to fling them off by dashing at them.
“Go back to where you came from!!” Ueda shouted clenching his fists, his nicely made hair was all messy and his shoes were covered in mud. It was really quite a sight.
And when it came to the moment for filming, there was sunlight despite it being cloudy all the way till that moment.
“You know, I am a cheery boy. Thus, I can control the rays of the sun easily!” Ueda proclaimed proudly.
Staff: “Ahh, this is really a miracle!”
And so they proceeded to take beautiful pictures.
At the end of it all, as Ueda said “The sun is good, thanks for your hard work” it became cloudy again.
“Woah~ This is all for sunny boy!” Well, I guess that was a really a miracle.
Following up next, they visited Hall’s Croft, the building where it Shakespeare’s eldest daughter resided with her husband John Croft. When the people-in-charge of the building found out that Ueda was in the media scene and would acting as Romeo, they said “WONDERFUL” and welcomed us warmly. Thus, we were allowed in areas that were not usually open to members of the public.
“This is what I was looking forward to. For a change, to really feel how it is like to act in a work that is loved by so many worldwide, to feel the great responsibilities that come with it” Ueda said firmly.
After visiting Shakespeare’s wife Anne Hathaway’s birthplace, the filming ended for the day. When enquired about what he felt about the day,
“It was really a fun and fulfilling day! Not only did I manage to know more about the greatness of Shakespeare, I now have a deeper attachment towards Romeo. This might be the first time I had so much fun whilst learning something *laughs*. At the same time, as there is a difference in culture and country, I feel that it is my role to covey the charm of this work to the Japanese audience. I want to do this without any mistakes!”

3rd day

今天去了距离伦敦大约2小时车程,叫做Stratford upon Avon的地方摄影。一大早就从伦敦出发了上田也一定很困吧,可是⋯⋯“今天也要加油!”一大早他就很元气。“会有面对很多贵重的地方,一定要好好的看,让自己染上莎士比亚的人物的色彩!”作出了这样的发言。


然后是去往Holy Trinity教堂。这里是莎士比亚出生之后接受洗礼的地方,也是他去世之后被埋葬⋯⋯也就是说现在莎士比亚长眠着的,非常重要的地点。在那墓碑前,思考了一会儿的上田的样子很难忘。问了他“现在在想什么呢?”。“对在天国的莎士比亚说,这次,我要在日本演出您的作品了。为了不给您丢脸,我一定会好好努力,请拜托一定要守护我。这样祈祷了。”上田对于公演的真挚的想法,都淋漓尽致的传达了。然后又找到了这里专为来访者准备的写感想的笔记册,他在那里毫不犹豫的写下了“I am Japanese Romeo!!”

下面我们又去了莎士比亚在伦敦获得巨大成就之后回到故乡度过晚年的地方New Place。 1600年代使用的家具就摆在那里,很厚重的感觉。“很有味道呢,”然后在到庭院里,那里种着很漂亮的花。“这里应该是莎士比亚休息的地方吧”看起来很感慨的表情。



之后我们去了莎士比亚的长女Susanna和他的丈夫John Hall住过的Hall's Croft.在这里我们跟关系者说“他(上田)要在日本出演Romeo”,对方大赞“WONDERFUL!” 非常欢迎的带我们去了一般参观者不能进去的地方。对于此番盛情,⋯⋯!“感觉到他对我演出的角色有很高的期待对吗,或者说,感觉到了演出这个被世人所热爱的作品的责任。”脸上出现了严肃的表情。之后又了解了莎士比亚的妻子Anne Hathaway的生平,本人的外景就结束了。问了他今天的感想:“真的很充实很开心!了解到了莎士比亚的伟大,对Romeo的了解也加深了。原来学习是这么开心的事情,人生第一次有折中感觉(笑)。同时,因为文化差异,怎样让日本的观众传达这个作品的魅力也需要好好考虑,一定要将这个课题完成,作出让大家容易看懂的作品是我的工作,一边改正缺点一边完善自身,想要作出一部好的作品!”

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